LOHAUS – Loft of Health and Urban Sustainability

A collaborative workspace in the center of Shanghai needed a new name and new identity when taking over an old space. As the designer, I helped create their new image with a name, logo, and all the fixings (business cards, signage, VI essentials).

The name is a combination of the acronym LOHAS (life of health and sustainability) and the well-known BAUHAUS (a school focused on creating functional art). Together they represent a collaboration of creative minds, while doing it sustainably. LOHAUS is an eco-friendly, collaborative, inspiring oasis in the heart of Shanghai.










App Jamm

Logo for AppJamm, 48 hours of collaboration and innovation all for the common good. Entrepreneurs, developers, and designers alike team up to make an idea an app in a weekend.


e8 Resources

e8 Resources

The chosen design for the new brand identity for e8 Resources, an environmental start-up company based in Shanghai. e8 Resources connects Chinese companies with foreign ones, building teams and bringing ‘green’ technologies and ideas to China.

My task was to help with naming for the company, create a logo, business cards and style guide. In addition to the branding, I have created images and slides for PowerPoint presentations, and promotional materials, along with assisting in writing and editing for proposals and presentations.